Beauty is only skin deep

Who doesn’t know this logically? But emotionally beauty matters. Not only inner beauty matters but also appearance is as much important. Only difference is the former you can make it upon your own will while the latter,  there isn’t not much you can do.This is generally true.However, there is a way to improve your appearance by putting lots of efforts.

Beauty is only skin deep, yet who wouldn't want to be beautiful?
Beauty is only skin deep, yet who wouldn’t want to be beautiful?

I like all kinds of 💐 flowers. But if they are in bad environment such as dusty, or too wet at all times, they don’t look good anymore. In fact, often times flowers that were beautiful at the flower shop don’t look so good anymore next morning at home if you don’t take good care of it.

It’s true for human bodies. Whether you were born beautiful or not, if you don’t take good care of yourself, beauty won’t last long. That why we (Daonix) are dedicated to make you look great for all your life.

Engineers who are ready to make your skin shine.
Engineers who are ready to make your skin shine.

Yes, we are bunch of engineers.There was a time when we were more interested in technology as opposed to the beauty topics. But once day it occurred to us that we could contribute substantially with the technology we know well. Let us introduce the future technology!


A big fan of Star Trek TV Shows

Years ago when I was young, I was a big fan of Star Trek. As I was drawn to science, I believed things that were in the TV Show will be possible one day. This became true. Smart phones(which is literally portable computers), iPad like tablets are now in daily use. Even Alexa from Amazon is like an artificial robot which can understand human language. I am sure we will build a passenger spaceship soon!

Plasma Technology based skin care device

Plasma technology based product Pla-skin became very popular in Korea. The technology by itself is difficult to understand. But the product itself is simple to use. You don’t even need to understand the technology behind it. Just rub it on your skin 10 minutes twice a day, people told me they’ve experienced what we’ve promised. So far lucky for us, there was no exception. Everyone felt some difference in their skin in one way or another.

Plasma technology is environmentally friendly.

Like I mentioned before, bunch of engineers who figured out a way to make skin beautiful did not know what to do with it in terms of marketing standpoint. So we talked a lot of technology. But who cares?

Now we know better. We ‘d like to talk about user experience.

Real stories from users!

A Story about Izzy
A Story about Izzy, a sophomore university student

We will start by talking about a University student whose name is Izzy. She fulfilled her first big dream by being accepted into the university she always wanted. Now her challenge is to pursue both academic as well as beauty goals at the same time. Please enjoy Izzy’s stories with Pla-skin!


Check out Pla-skin product information at the official web site. Click this link.

Curious about what Plasma technology is? Check out this video clip.



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