Have you ever heard what plasma it is? Plasma is one of the matter states exactly like solids, liquid, and gaseous. This state of matter can change whenever energy or heat was given to it: solid become liquid and liquid become gas. If the energy more added to the gas, the gas molecules will ionize (positive and negative ion will form) and goes into the high-energy plasma state, also often called by the fourth state of matter. This high energy state of the material can easily change the properties of other materials, including properties of skin layer for this case. The concept of plasma technology is widely used in both academical research and industrial needs, the usability of the plasma is so plentiful that it becomes interesting to be developed and used for various applications such as high-efficiency lighting, flat-panel displays, manufacturing of semiconductor, chemical analysis, plasma spraying of surface coating, and for skin regenerating.


01 plasma tech
the state of matter (source image: https://www.balticnet-plasmatec.org/plasma-technology/)


The skin itself has three components of layers:

  1. Epidermis: outermost layer of skin contains the pigment which is responsible for the skin color
  2. Dermis: made of collagen and elastic fibers that provide skin with strength and elasticity
  3. Hypodermis: the deepest layer of skin and made up of subcutaneous fat

The character of skin will change as the body ages, the epidermis becomes thinner and collagen in dermis gradually lost ended up the formation of facial lines, wrinkles, acne, and other problems in the skin. That’s why skin needs to be triggered it is regenerated. By using plasma technology, we can trigger skin regeneration to solve all the skin problems, it is called by Plasma Skin Regeneration (PSR).

01 plasma tech 2

PSR technology uses energy delivered from plasma rather than lasers or radio frequency because plasma can penetrate deeper into the targeted issue. For easy use, this PSR made in the form of the small device contains ultra-high generator (UHF) which can energize an inert gas into plasma. As the plasma hit the skin, there is an immediate energy transfer to the skin. The heat from PSR device is applied to the top of the skin, all the skin layers are affected but the epidermis remains intact, so the PSR will speed the regeneration of new skin formation below while creates a natural biological dressing.

01 plasma tech 3

With the technology that I have describe, I will introduce you a PSR product called PLASKIN which is safe and proven to accelerate skin generations. A packaged attractively device that implements PSR technology into your hands, using all the plasma technology knowledge to create a quality product. It will help kills ACNE-causing bacteria, revitalization of dull skin, strengthens skin, and reduction of fine lines as well wrinkles. By using PLASKIN you can get rid of the problems in your skin through PSR technology and it will definitely beautify your skin.




Please check out this video about how Planskin(Plasmas based skin care device) works.

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