We have a really crazy education system in South Korea. One has to study pretty much all day long, from 6 in the morning till midnight (or more). Many sleep deprived nights for years. It’s no wonder that both men and women in young age suffer from skin problems(trouble).

As we all know stress is the culprit for all problems including skin troubles. With this said, as soon as high school students go to colleges, they start enjoying their life far from study for at least a year, then they have to start another life. Study and train skills for better jobs. Now college students are back to the skin trouble period. Many tests, papers, part time jobs and playing(?) in between times.


college students Izzy
Meet University Student Izzy


Meet Izzy

She is a sophomore in a prestigious University. About a year ago, she fulfilled her first dream. Many years of sleep deprived nights, she finally got her first reward. But just like everyone else in her peer age, as soon as she became a sophomore, Izzy began to feel a little pressure for the future life.

Back in the high school period, she thought being accepted into a prestigious university will free her life from stress. But unfortunately she now has new kind of stress. Good news is that Izzy has more control over her life. She can choose her own destiny.


Makeup troubles?


Naturally Izzy is interested in beauty. It wasn’t her first priority in high school life, but it is now equally important topic as the study. In her first year, it’s been rather easy for her to maintain clear skin (free from skin troubles) while she spent more time in traveling or hanging out with friends rather than studying other words joyful life but now it’s more challenging  to maintain trouble free skin status as Izzy has to do more part time jobs as well as she needs to spend more study time.

This would be true for all of us, when Izzy is under s lot of stress, her makeup won’t stay on nor look good. Evidently, her skin must be upset under stress.


We will take care of all of your skin troubles, just be happy!
We will take care of all of your skin troubles, just be happy!


Typically people rely on a skin doctor when they have troubling skin. If the condition is severe, yes this may be the right choice. But if the condition is not severe, there are multiple alternative ways to resolve it. Izzy was very lucky to encounter a very good solution while she watches TV show. It’s about a Korean celebrity reality show.


No artificial stuff, use only natural components from the air – Plaskin Plasma skin care


At first Izzy didn’t care for much when she first saw a celebrity in the TV Show using it to take care of the skin. As usually she thought it could be just an advertisement through celebrities. But somehow she had a chance to use it personally, it changed her thought.

Plaskin device is a portable unit, so Izzy can use it wherever she goes. Perhaps, this might be her companion for very long time.

Let’s find out how Plaskin plasmas based skin care product changed her life in our next episode.




How about a cup of plaskin? Oops, sorry coffee!


If can’t wait for the next episode, this video is the cheating key for you.

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