Do you like K-Pop?


Who are not familiar with K-Pop, this kind of music is attracting a lot of attention from the music lovers, not only from the Asian countries but also the western countries. On the Billboard Top Social Awards 2017 in America, a Korean boybands BTS successfully get the first position on social 50 artists beat Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.


K-pop star BTS became #1 in the last year Billboard chart.

Such a surprising achievement. I believe, in the past few years the K-Pop was not too popular among the western people. Thanks to the hard work of this entertainment industry personnel, K-Pop became increasingly favored by many people around the world, including my country. Some of my friends are really like K-Pop group band, every time I have a chance go back to my hometown from Korea, they will have requested me to buy an original album of EXO or BTS or SUPER JUNIOR or any other group band to complete their collection. As K-Pop striking the world, more and more people become interested in the Korean culture, including the Korean language, Korean fashion, Korean lifestyle, and also Korean beauty (K-beauty).


02 kpop 3
Suzy – K-Pop Idol (photo from her instagram @skuukzky)

This K-beauty trend is focused on the ‘glass skin’ look which means a healthy glow, hydrated skin, and not to rely on makeup as much. It is about treating the skin well and sticking to a healthy lifestyle to get those fabulous result. As we can see, the K-Pop Idol especially the woman idol has really beautiful skin with a natural look that added her visual appearance that already so attractive. Including her melodious voice and energetic the dance moves, it made the K-Pop Idol is a role models figure for every woman in the case of beauty.


02 kpop 2
First portable plasma skin care device : PLASKIN


Do you want to make your face glow like K-pop stars ? Certainly, it will take a bunch of varieties product of skincare with several stages. However, let me introduce you an easy way to get a clean face shine like the K-Pop Idol by using plasma device to solve all your skin problems, called PLASKIN.

Plasma, in the form of ionized gas, is emitted from the PLASKIN device to deliver energy to the skin. The PLASKIN product has different targeted frequencies and varying strength so you can get a specialized treatment for your specific concern (

Check out plasma technology story at this link. Click here.

When plasma ions interact with your skin, it triggers the collagen and elastin fibers to restructure and regenerate. By regenerating your skin, it will revitalization of dull skin, strengthens skin, and reduction of wrinkles. Eliminating all your facial problems can make your face more shining just like your favorite K-Pop Idol!



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