In the previous story, you all met Izzy, I will continue to talk about her story in the next episode, stay tuned!

University student Izzy holding a Plaskin (plasma skin care device) while laughing.

Wait! Don’t you wonder why Izzy had a pleasant smile on her face? Evidently the one she is holding in this picture is the clue. If you’re curious about the first episode, click here to read.



In my generation (mid seventies born), when I was young, if you hear a man wearing makeup, everyone was shocked by the news in Korea. But not anymore, it’s rather common among young generation. I am still not used to the idea but I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if I see one.




Besides, I can’t wear makeup even if I wanted. Whenever I do exercise, I get a lot sweat. When I am sweating, my face is burning like crazy because I got razor burn almost everyday. Therefore after shaving, I need to spend some time soothing my face for a while with hot water followed by soothing shaving balm otherwise, I have severe long lasting pain all day!


Razor burn?

This gets worse whenever I travel. When I am at home, I use special shaving foam which helps reduce razor burn pain. But due to carry-on baggage regulations, I couldn’t carry a spray foam.

I literally tried every method possible. Nothing really worked. By the time I almost gave up on it and took it as cursed fate, I found a plasma based skin care device. At first, I didn’t want to try it. Maybe I am a man of old school, I didn’t think I need to take care of my skin.


Plasma based portable skin care device “Plaskin”


As a marketing person, I had a product training session with Plaskin engineers. I was told that due to the nature of plasma technology, Plaskin sterilizes skin and help skin regenerate. So I figured I should give it a try after shaving. After all, razor burn may be caused from small scale bacteria infection. (Disclaimer: Note that this isn’t a medical opinion.)


Getting rid of Razor burn!
Getting rid of Razor burn!


To my surprise, applying Plaskin for 10 minutes or so after shaving in the morning, I was able to rid myself of razor burn pain instantly. At first, I thought maybe it’s just my imagination or being lucky for the day. But after two weeks in a row, I didn’t feel any razor burn pain every time.

I don’t know how but it worked!



I don’t like summer because I have more pain with sweating. For work or for pleasure I take a lot of photos, sweating causes me huge pain from shaving when shooting photos. Well, it seems like I don’t have to suffer from razor burn pain anymore. Look forward to having a sweaty summer. I am not afraid of it!

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