In this advanced technology era, most aspects in our life have been successfully assisted by the technological breakthrough. Along with the case of beauty, there are many good pieces of equipment that can help us to make our skin better. It is very important to take care of our skin because skin is the outer part of  body as a protector between inside body with the outside world.




If we not keep the skin cleanness, germs or disease particle can enter the body through the skin pores. Furthermore, the appearance of the skin will also be different, the treated skin will produce a healthy skin that will give a fresh look and glowing skin while unhealthy skin will look pale, dull and the wrinkles will develop faster.




Maybe a few years ago, the beauty device was only available when we go to the skin doctor or dermatologist because of it very expensive and complicated equipment. But at this moment, we can easily find the home treatment-beauty device with affordable price. It is also coming with various type of design and purpose.

Here are a few examples of portable skin care devices available in the market.

  • Cleansing device: It is typically made of a silicone with various pulsation intensities to cleaning the dirt, oil, and makeup residue. Together with the cleanser, this device will help to cleanse the skin better.
  • Galvanic ion device: The galvanic involves the mild electric currents consist of positive and negative ion to maximize the absorption of specific cosmetics such as cleanser, serum, or whitening cream.
  • Eye massager: It is also made of silicone and will give fingertip tapping eye massage technique. For the best result this device used in conjunction with an eye cream.
  • Radio frequency skincare device: The radio frequency triggers the skin’s fibroblast to produce new collagen and elastic fibers. This device also packaged with a lifted cream.

Those technologies indeed can help us eliminate facial problems like acne, wrinkles, redness to some extent and achieve the clean and healthy skin. But somehow it would be inconvenient to use those devices together with dedicated skincare product because the above devices always package with specific cosmetics like cream or cleanser.  It would be very nice if we can get a healthy skin with one step only. And the fortunately is, that kind of device is exist!





PLASKIN, a plasma technology device that will help speed the regeneration of new skin formation below epidermis to create healthy skin without the need for any specific cosmetics.  This device also can kill the acne-causing bacterial, revitalization of dull skin, strengthen skin, and reduce the wrinkles. Check ( for detail information.

We can’t comment on other products but we were told from our customers that they stopped visiting a skin doctor with minor skin trouble issues after using Plaskin. We know that this is not meant to be a medical device but we also know that sterilize your skin therefore make it clean will definitely help avoid skin issues!

On top of using Plaskin daily, drinking lots of water, eat healthy food and do a balanced diet you will get healthy and beautiful skin as you wish!



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