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Skin Care Story

Unlike her peers Izzy doesn’t want to find her job after University graduation, instead she wants to start her own business. Izzy realized that she didn’t really have her own dream before college. Including her classmates, no one really had a dream because the only thing they could do is just to study aimlessly for better university. No one really questioned why.

Izzy has been very passionate about fashion items. So she wants to start a fashion items related business. Now she studies really hard not because she had to for no reason but because she has a dream of her own for the first time in her life! Luckily Izzy took business management as her major which is really needed for her dream.


Korean university student Izzy
Korean university student Izzy


From the second year in university, not only she had to study more but also she has to do a lot of time part jobs. Then stress from work and study came to her. This may be true for anyone, if you’re generally happy, makeup works great for the day. However, if you’re under a lot of stress, it doesn’t work. Either makeup doesn’t last long or it doesn’t feel nature or even worse, you get “pimples”. In other words skin troubles.




No way!

Izzy shouted one day. She tried to find skin concealer. A quick patch. It worked for just one day. The next day, she found a bigger problem. More smaller pimples around the area where you applied a concealer. Maybe a concealer is just a disguise not a solution. Izzy blamed herself, she should’ve known this better.


Can I trust this device? Izzy asked me.
Can I trust this device? Izzy asked me.


Then I introduced Plaskin device to her. I showed her how to use it. Turn on the device, then rub it on the face. Nothing complicated. Then Izzy heard some buzzing sound from the device. Maybe this was a bit scary to her. She asked me. “Is it painful?” I said “No, not at all!” She remembered her first experience at the skin doctor’s place. A laser treatment to take care of skin troubles. It wasn’t painful but it was uneasy for sure. I said “why don’t you give it a try? After all, you are more concerned about skin troubles than I am.”


You have every right to be skeptical. Give it a try! Then you will find out for yourself.
You have every right to be skeptical. Give it a try! Then you will find out for yourself.


Izzy was skeptical at first. She tried it on her hand. I asked, “Is it painful to you?”. She replied. “I don’t feel anything.” Contrary to her imagination, she couldn’t feel a thing nor pain. Now it’s time to take care of her pimples.



I am sure Izzy now knows where to look for whenever she is under a lot of stress from study or work. Don’t get me wrong. Plaskin isn’t a medical device. So if you have severe skin troubles, it’s best to visit skin doctors. But for the daily skin troubles, Plaskin densely helps. Personally I have oily skin. Therefore, often times, I get small pimples here and there. To my surprise some disappears overnight. If not, it will be gone in a few days.


Get close to nature - Plaskin
Get close to nature – Plaskin


Are you a college student who deserve to preserve your beauty 24/7? You know where to look for now!


If you’re curious about how a Plaskin device works. Please check this video out.





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