Basically, every woman loves beauty. Women are happy to see delightful objects, happy to finally tidy up the house, happy to get colorful flowers, happy to try bright clothes. We are just happy to see all the beautiful things, even better if those beauties are inside our self. Having an attractive appearance surely will increase our confidence and improve our mood. This also applied to our women ancestors, although at that time there was no beauty clinic or spa just doing a treatment at home, in other words “home remedies” . Yet their beauty recipes are timelessly famous.


Close to nature : Plaskin
Close to nature : Plaskin


In Indonesia, a country where I belong (although I am currently in Korea), natural resources have been used by my ancestors as the source for their health and beauty care. My ancestors cultivate specific plants to make the traditional recipes for different needs, keep it for generations but the recipes remained the same. So I want to share two recipes home treatments(remedies), inherited from my ancestors to keep the body healthy by using natural ingredients:


  1. Beras Kencur (Herbal Medicine)

This is a refreshing drink that has main ingredients of rice and turmeric rhizome. It is very popular because it has proven to prevent of gastric pains, beauty treatment, and physical wellness. Beras kencur also believed as one of the rituals to stay young, eliminate acne, and tighten the skin.

Look up “Beras Kencur” keywords on Google search, you will see details and probably follow its recipes to make your own.


Home remedies from ancestors
Home remedies from ancestors
  1. Bengkoang Scrubs

It made from Bengkoang fruits which have mineral composition as a perfect cleanser for dull skin, brighten the skin naturally. The benefits of this scrubs are lifting the dead skin, improve circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream, and keep skin moisture to avoid wrinkles.


Organic home beauty remedy – Plaskin


Since I live in South Korea now, I cannot easily make the Beras Kencur and Bengkoang Scrubs for my daily treatment because the main materials are hard to find. I love the traditional one because it is pure and harmless then I look for some Korean recipes but again I couldn’t find due to lack of my Korean culture knowledge.

Fortunately, there is home treatment device called PLASKIN which is safe and can bring results like the traditional recipes from ancestors. By regularly using it, PLASKIN can make your skin brighten up and reduce the blackheads, eliminate acne, strengthens skin, and wrinkles are reduced just like the ancestor recipes.

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