Do you like roses? I do. In fact, I always wait for May and June for various roses festivals. Somehow, I began to have a habit of taking photos of plaskin device right in the middle of or next to flowers. Plaskin design blends in seamlessly.


At a roses festival in Seoul
At a roses festival in Seoul


I met Izzy at a rose festival place in Seoul the other day. Since Izzy is no longer skeptical about the Plaskin anymore. She carries it anywhere she goes. Honestly, once you try it on your unwanted skin troubles such as pimples, and if you see your skin problems fade out next morning. You can trust Plaskin from that moment on. This happened to Izzy as well.



  • If you haven’t met her yet, please check out Izzy’s previous story at this link. Click here

Recently she has a lot on her mind. She wants to start a company about beauty and fashion items after University graduation. But all of her peers(including her parents) think it would be too risky to start a business in bad economy situation, so rather they would work for big companies. Izzy didn’t think much of it at first, then one day it occurred to her that “what if I failed my business while my peers made good progress in their work career in 10 years from now.” This idea definitely scared her.


Izzy is interested in photography as well. After all, fashion and beauty items require professional photographs.
Izzy is interested in photography as well. After all, fashion and beauty items require professional photographs.


These thoughts come and go in the past few weeks, then she finally got more skin troubles.

As I’ve been there myself, I wanted to offer a few advice. But sometimes, you don’t have to offer a solution. Listening to someone help more than you think. After chatting with me over a half hour or so, Izzy decided that she would find a way to make her dream come true. She could got away from fears.

In the process of finding her own business items, Izzy decided to become a model for a while. This is how we met in the first place. According to Izzy, she has been always a shy person. So this was a definitely break through in her life.




I wouldn’t worry about minor skin troubles anymore.

Izzy says. She jokingly placed a plaskin on her skin.

I see a lot of people having trouble with minor skin troubles. Especially when a season changes skin develops a certain symptoms to some people such as itching or redness but when in young ages, we tend to ignore those symptoms. But why suffer when there is a way to take care of it in most organic way?



I truly support Izzy’s dream!



Have you been to Portland, Oregon?

In our next story, we will talk about traveling downtown Portland, Oregon with Plaskin. As you might know through popular TV show “Portlandia” (click here for more about Portlandia) Portland is well-known for its unique personality. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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