Traveling is one of the most agenda I am waiting for, especially when I have a chance to go back to my hometown. To meet my family and friends. But it is a very long journey, it takes 8 hours on the plane and another 5 hours road trip. It certainly made me so tired. When arriving at the destination my whole body tired and my face tangled.


Long distance travel makes everyone tired


I don’t want to meet my family with such appearance, so I usually prepare some skin care products to take care of my skin even on the long journey.


  1. Makeup remover: By bringing a makeup remover, I can make my face rest from makeup, pollution, and dust that has been sticking all day. My journey becomes more comfortable with a clean and fresh face.
  2. Toner: After removing all makeup, I pat the toner gently on my face. Toner can help clean up the rest of the dirt and balance the pH of the skin.
  3. Moisturizer: The temperature on the plane sometimes it hard to guess, so I prepared my favorite moisturizer to anticipate cold air on the plane.
  4. Lip balm: Every time I am on the plane, I always feel my lips are dry and cracked. To keep my lips moist and hydrated I always carry a lip balm.


To minimize the luggage, choose the right skin care products. Which will definitely be used, because some products are too complicated and might not suitable for the weather so it ended up unused. It would be better also to choose the multifunctional products, for example, olive oil or coconut oil that can be used as facial oil, body oil, and makeup remover. Bring all the products in travel size or mini bottle as well.


Choose right skin care products for the season is the key!


When I arrived in my hometown, the weather is different from Korea. A typical tropical country, hot and humid. The hot sun will make me sweat more and it made my face feel sticky. The pore of the skin also more likely to open thus gather more dirt, oil, and pollution from the environment. So in a humid climate, I always set up special skin care that little bit different from the everyday routine I do in Korea. I do more cleansing, use toner, serum or moisturizer, then sunscreen protection. Sunscreen is so important to prevent the skin damage because of the sunlight. Sun emits UVA rays which penetrate deeper into our skin causing loose skin elasticity, wrinkle and aging more rapidly. Sometimes I also carry oil-blotting papers to avoid the too oily skin.



Winter season in Korea can get very cold and dry.


While for the usual skin care I use in Korea, especially when winter. Extreme cold and strong winds can dry skin fast, causing irritation, itching, and skin peel. I use a richer moisturizer more often, add the extra moisture in my skin with serum or lotion. Then sunscreen also because snow can reflect sunlight. Sometimes if needed I set up humidifier in my room so it can reduce dryness in my skin.

If we take care of our skin according to our current climate and environment, it can help to maintain our skin remain healthy and radiant. Coupled with a lot of drinking water, certainly our travel will be more fun and refresh.




Other than general tips for skin care when traveling, there is another way to keep your skin trouble-free. Usually with long distance travel, you end up having minor skin troubles, to prevent this it’s best to keep your skin clean at all times and moisture however under certain circumstances this may be difficult.

When this happens, once a day (or twice a day) during your trip, use Plaskin on your skin (usually face) would suffice. In our next episode, we will talk about traveling in Portland,Oregon we will talk more about this!

In case you are not familiar with Plaskin, please read this article.

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