When I visited Portland,Oregon 15 years ago, I was mesmerized by the unique culture that Portland city showed me. It’s like the city is in the USA but not really. For example, one Sunday morning walking downtown Portland, I came across a group of people shouting “Here comes the pirate!” With swords. I got shocked by the fact that no one was surprised by that. In fact people in the street (in other words) Portlandia people enjoyed the scene and no one seemed to be bothered by that.


Max. Portland has a very good public transportation system
Old and new buildings side by side. Portland, Oregon
Old and new buildings side by side. Portland, Oregon


Fast forward time to the year 2018, when I visited Portland, Oregon again, I didn’t see a group of strange people shouting on the street but I could still feel the unique characteristics that people in Portland possess. They are polite ,friendly but at the same time, they express their feelings honestly and freely. Trust me, really freely!


Stumptown coffee
Stumptown coffee


I love walking downtown Portland, Oregon. Unlike other big cities in the United States, it’s rather a small city where you could walk to see most places. And there are a lot of old buildings which makes the city more unique. Also if you are a coffee fanatic like me, you will love this place even more. There are a number of good coffee places. Let’s start with Stumptown. Stumptown coffee place next to hotel ACE is very popular place. Not only for its good coffee but also a lobby area in the hotel ACE is kind of where strangers can hang out each other or just relax.


Stumptown and hotel ACE is right next to each other
Stumptown and hotel ACE is right next to each other


If you’re not a big fan of Stumptown coffee, you might like BARISTA. Not the job, barista but a cafe BARISTA located in the Pearl district. Check out comments from Yelp : Barista Link

I went there at 7pm. Unfortunately they close at 7 pm. But the owner (I assume) allowed me to have a cup of coffee there by postponing closing a shop. What a nice place!


Personally I liked BARISTA better than Stumptown
Personally I liked BARISTA better than Stumptown


When you’re traveling, often times a lot of people including me tend to suffer from minor skin troubles. As you can guess, the older, it gets worse unfortunately. There are multiple reasons for this. Some specialists say that germs on a plane could cause you to be ill if you’re not healthy. This may or may not be true. But long distance flight can surely make you feel tired. The worst enemy for skin is body stress. Therefore, it’s no wonder that I get minor skin troubles while traveling.


Airplane trip always cased me to suffer from minor skin troubles


So I wanted to see if Plaskin can help eliminate this issue. On the plane, when a plane flew half way crossing Pacific Ocean, I went to a restroom for cleaning my face and applied Plakin. From this moment and forward, I used Plaskin three times a day (normally I do it twice a day), then used enough skin lotion to keep my face moisturised.




Well, it could be just out of pure luck, I didn’t have any minor skin troubles during my trip in Portland, Oregon for 9 days. No pimples, no skin itchiness (usually this happens a lot to me while traveling) I didn’t have to suffer from any skin troubles.


I already miss my trip to Portland, Oregon
I already miss my trip to Portland, Oregon


Summer vacation season is coming fast, if you’re like me who experience minor skin troubles whenever traveling, give Plaskin a try! Honestly, I was 50% skeptical before using it, but I have full confidence!

(You can read more about “Korean college girl Izzy’s skin care story” at this link.)



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