Thanks to K-Pop’s global popularity, there are more and more visitors to Seoul from all over the world. As someone who was born and raised in Seoul like me, I always dislike being in the fast growing city. Yet, I hear there are returning visitors who had so much fun in traveling in Seoul. So I decided I would walk their steps as if I was visiting Seoul city.


Terrarosa Cafe in Itaewon Street
Terrarosa Cafe in Itaewon Street


Itaewon place used to be very dangerous place. U.S military base was there for long. Unfortunately, young soldiers did some crazy things from time to time which scared local people. But over the years, after U.S. military based moved to other place, Itaewon became very hot place where you can enjoy various cultures, arts, and cafe.

This became one of hot tourist attraction places, I would definitely recommend this place. If you like coffee, you could find great coffee places easily.


Han River Park at night


Even though I am not big fan of living in the city, I always liked city night view. There are two places I’d like to recommend tourists to visit to enjoy city night view.

(1) Han river

After Seoul Olympics, Seoul city was dedicated to make the Han river as big beautiful park.  Now Han river is one of the most beautiful parks in Seoul. Not only it’s well preserved, but also it has most beautiful night views of the city.


From old alley, seeing cityscapes
From old alley, seeing cityscapes


(2) King’s palace area

It has many small hills where you could see beautiful night cityscapes. This place is also famous for mixer of old and new. I even enjoyed myself walking old alleys  and passing through skyscrapers right beside it.


Tower in the photo is N Seoul tower
Tower in the photo is N Seoul tower
N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower

If one wants to overlook Seoul city, the best place is N Seoul Tower. Either climbing Nam-san (mountain) for half hour or take a cable car to get up to the top. This maybe personal preferences, but I think night view is more stunning than day view.


Anyone can play a piano


Somehow, I realized that Seoul city spent a lot of time and financial resources to make Seoul city as a fun place to visit. I didn’t know that we have such a variety of beautiful places. In some areas, you could enjoy cultural experiences as well. This experiment turned my conception of “Seoul city equals dull experience”




Now I have a new view of Seoul city. If I take Seoul city as brand, I do like Seoul brand and I am willing to recommend you Seoul brand with no hesitation!

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