Atopic dermatitis (AD) or commonly known by Eczema is a group of skin conditions with these following symptoms: extremely dry, red skin, itchy skin to raised bumps, cracked skin, and swollen skin from scratching. The symptoms might be severe at night, so it makes the AD sufferers difficult to sleep at night. AD is one of the genetic disease, a family history of this disease remains the strongest risk factors. Peoples who get affected by this disease will feel very itchy in a specific location varying depending on the case.

Most people get AD before age 5 (90%). Fifty percent of them continue to have milder signs and symptoms of AD as an adult. If you or your younger sister/brother have been suffering from this disease. Here we have some home treatments that can be used to speed healing or reduce the discomfort of AD symptoms:

  • Use moisturizer throughout the day

Dry skin is both a cause and symptom. It is crucial for people with AD to keep their skin from becoming too dry. Apply some good moisturizers on the affected skin to decrease the intense itching of the flare.

  • Sea salt bathing

Besides the intense itching, AD commonly causes anxiety, frustration, and poor sleep. It is good to do things that make the body relax. Moreover, sea salt contains useful components for the skin. Including the Vitamin D, magnesium, and mineral. Bathing also will wash allergens, pollutants, and other irritants from the skin and keep skin hydrated.

  • Essential oil

Provides fragrances to the body as well help achieve some benefits. Its aroma can reduce those anxiety symptoms. Also, studies have found that coconut oil or lavender oil can improve skin hydration, reduced inflammation, and relieved redness

  • Massage

Another stress reliever is massage which could help the AD sufferers. If you are a parent of a younger child with AD, the massage becomes a great time to apply moisturizer to the skin. This is not only a gentle and safe way to treat your child but a great time to bond as well.

Besides these above ways, there also another home remedy treatment for AD skin by using the light exposure. The phototherapy helps to reduce itchy, calm inflammation, increase vitamin D production, and increase bacteria-fighting system in the skin. This therapy usually is done by adding 15 minutes of sun exposure to catch the UVB rays. Unfortunately, this way still debatable. Because of it too harsh and causes other risks, including sunburn and skin aging.



Best home remedies for skin troubles
Best home remedies for skin troubles


Therefore, I will introduce a new and safe way phototherapy using a plasma technology device called PLASKIN. Plasma treatments have been used in pediatric settings for cases of AD skin problems. PLASKIN is safe to use on all ages including children and babies; sanitizing skin, reducing irritation, and promoting healthy skin cell regeneration. It is very easy to use, just expose the light into the affected AD skin and wait for 10 minutes a day. By using it regularly the skin will keep its moisture, reduce the redness, and help to heal the AD symptoms. Check our official website here



Disclaimer : PLASKIN is not a medical device. 

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